I played Fortnite with a HEARTRATE MONITOR!

14 veebr 2021
347 228 Vaatamised

How panicked will I get? Will I discover I need to go to the doctor? Let's find out how high my heart rate gets when playing Fortnite...
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  • Yourfuct

    Michael MahonyMichael MahonyМісяць tagasi
  • “Drinking coffee” to masks his heart rate being high cus he's just that unhealthy

    ossiferfunkossiferfunkМісяць tagasi
  • Try a cizzors death run with the heart rate

    KING-CODKING-CODМісяць tagasi
  • Lmao the highest the heart rate was in the lobby saying subscribe

    SkulzzySkulzzyМісяць tagasi
  • I feel like it wasn't very accurate. And it being an Apple Watch, is probably partly why.

    BlazeHoundBlazeHoundМісяць tagasi
  • boi

    themeta2uthemeta2uМісяць tagasi
  • I think this is my problem 😆 my heart rate sky rockets in fights 😬

    Brianna CavazosBrianna CavazosМісяць tagasi
  • How was my heart rate higher than his the whole time??

    Phantom_ 09Phantom_ 09Місяць tagasi
  • muselk "lets see if we can get me to the hospital" him literatly having a lower heart rate in the main menu

    Austinchris AshbyAustinchris AshbyМісяць tagasi
  • I think if I 1v1ed Lofu the heart rate monitor would melt.

    Mikkel BreilerMikkel BreilerМісяць tagasi
  • Muselk: Heart beat at one 110 *His heart beat being at 112*

    SłuśhiiiSłuśhiiiМісяць tagasi
  • Try this deathrun out Map code: 1791-3232-4467 15 levels of rage, it will make a good video

    DeathrunReeceDeathrunReeceМісяць tagasi
  • Hi

    Excuiter RExcuiter RМісяць tagasi
  • Him in the Lobby with 120 after fighting the sweats 96 when the games over 123

    Connor ShadowmanConnor ShadowmanМісяць tagasi
  • The reason he is calm is because he is so confident in his skill. Can’t tell me I’m wrong Edit: Btw love the heart rate stuff

    Mason RogersMason RogersМісяць tagasi
  • Bruh the other day I was legit just sitting down trying to take a nap and my heart rate was 270

    Natalie PhillpottNatalie PhillpottМісяць tagasi
  • Wow you Australians call that a large coffee That’s are small

    Chase StedmanChase StedmanМісяць tagasi
  • cant wait for this on death run

    Finley ReddishFinley ReddishМісяць tagasi
  • If you watch yung chip his regular heart rate is 75-80. Muselk thinks 105 is good😂😂

    Spade JaxonSpade JaxonМісяць tagasi
  • How does one's heartrate DROP WHILE FIGHTING?

    1andonlyMiro1andonlyMiroМісяць tagasi
  • when you do it playing against fresh you will break the heart rate monitor

    legendary acelegendary aceМісяць tagasi
  • Did any one realize he dint pick up a gold scar for a purple scar

    Ethan JohnsonEthan JohnsonМісяць tagasi
  • Muselk during a fight: 😛

    Beats By NoahBeats By NoahМісяць tagasi
  • Are he and liv still dating?

    Thomas OlsonThomas OlsonМісяць tagasi
  • Mongraal with a heart rate monitor while doing NFCS ❤️170 lol

    Cryptic_elimz0Cryptic_elimz0Місяць tagasi
  • He should do this fighting fresh 😂😂😂😂

    Megan GarramoneMegan GarramoneМісяць tagasi
  • Why is his heartrate higher while he is standing still but when he is in a match it is lower

  • one time my bounty was on top of the zero point

    AragoneagleAragoneagleМісяць tagasi
  • OMG

    Elijah OforiElijah OforiМісяць tagasi
  • *Cough* loserfruits *cough* idea *cough*

    R KR KМісяць tagasi
  • any ine realize him heart rate go to 123 in the outro 😂

    Venemy_ChungusVenemy_ChungusМісяць tagasi
  • My heart rate max is 290 and I had to have a procedure.

    Thalamati SujithThalamati SujithМісяць tagasi
  • *sees thumbnail of heart rate of 135* * first thought* see a doctor

    neanmanneanmanМісяць tagasi
  • Every time you talk to the viewers your heart rate goes so high compared to when your playing fortnite

    neanmanneanmanМісяць tagasi
  • Let's be real, that heart rate monitor isn't very good, it's some cheep crap that is put into some over expensive watch, his heart rate was probably at least 130 while fighting. The silly crap literally went from 115 bpm to 88 bpm, that's a sign of some cheap crap

    The Real DababyThe Real DababyМісяць tagasi
  • btw 104 for normal sitting prevideo is not normal......

    KUL GEOKUL GEOМісяць tagasi
  • play with FRESH plzz

    Ronith BalajiRonith BalajiМісяць tagasi
  • He should stream with no delay w/ heartrate

    Squeakyleek GamingSqueakyleek GamingМісяць tagasi
  • Ya not the biggest coffe I’ve ever seen

    Adelaide WilsonAdelaide WilsonМісяць tagasi
  • MUSELK KILLED A MEMER HE HAS FALLEN (3:15 he shoots a man on the zero point who was just chilling) the greats have fallen

    Wayan TeoWayan TeoМісяць tagasi
  • I need help getting my channel started and u guys are all I got if u dould really help that would be amazing 🤩

    Coleman BuenzowColeman BuenzowМісяць tagasi
  • Dang sick heart beat

    Banana NorrisBanana NorrisМісяць tagasi
  • when ever i play solos my heart rate is very fast

    GrimoireGrimoireМісяць tagasi
  • you need to play arena with the heartrate monitor

    Connor PlumeConnor PlumeМісяць tagasi
  • You should be doing this in Warzone Bc ever time I’m in endgame my heart is jumping out of my chest

    Marco SmithMarco SmithМісяць tagasi
  • Deathrun with that

    demonetor666demonetor666Місяць tagasi
  • he dieed

    CreatorOfGamesCreatorOfGamesМісяць tagasi
  • Your heart rate went down when playing probably because of focusing or due to stress your heart rate will slow down if your blood pressure gets higher

    Jack the Pumpkin KingJack the Pumpkin KingМісяць tagasi
  • Death run

    Jahnu HuebnerJahnu HuebnerМісяць tagasi
  • Heart rate monitor while playing phasmophobia!!!

    Wyatt JonesWyatt JonesМісяць tagasi
  • Nothing funnier than the fact Muselk's heartrate was always the highest when he was just presenting his show, and always the chillest when he was in intense fights in game lmao.

    Yuki DawnYuki DawnМісяць tagasi
  • used code Muselk in the Item shop can you names any FORTNITE Skins

    TTV sweatstyleTTV sweatstyleМісяць tagasi
  • great now there is 9.51mil people looting the cinema mid game

    Charles MullanCharles MullanМісяць tagasi
  • nobody goes to the cinema cause io guards suck

    slayer 8602slayer 8602Місяць tagasi
  • Death run

    Supercell games PlayerSupercell games PlayerМісяць tagasi
  • .

    LazarBeamClipsLazarBeamClipsМісяць tagasi
  • Like if he should play a HARD deathrun with it.

    Olly StarsOlly StarsМісяць tagasi
  • Mans was finna flatline

    NIZMAN 125NIZMAN 125Місяць tagasi
  • Who remembers watching him when you were younger and laughing so much☹️

    Eli EspyEli EspyМісяць tagasi
  • He wears his watch on the wrong arm 😂 still love u tho!! (No homo)

    ToopsToopsМісяць tagasi
  • Play the cissors deathrun with the heart rate monitor

    Narasimha KamatNarasimha KamatМісяць tagasi
  • He didn’t say what’s goin on guys. ☹️

    Dillyjay 101Dillyjay 101Місяць tagasi
  • It’s because u concentrating

    BP FishingBP FishingМісяць tagasi
  • His highest heart rate was at 120 during the intro

    Killer Kaleb1212Killer Kaleb1212Місяць tagasi
  • why is no one talking about how he copied fresh on this video???

    Theo FeintTheo FeintМісяць tagasi
  • Muselk really looks like Elon musk.. just me??

    patrick bpatrick bМісяць tagasi
  • Can we all just respect the fact that muselk’s heart beat was higher on the battle bus in the final two

    Mythic GamerMythic GamerМісяць tagasi
  • Muselk does meditation to calm heart rate right after “OK LETS GO”

    _Luna__Luna_Місяць tagasi
  • do a death run with doors!!!!!

    Sam HookSam HookМісяць tagasi
  • Go to the cenima??,!

    Am BatmanAm BatmanМісяць tagasi
  • Lol i did the same thing and my heart rate is ussually around 70 when im sitti g and when i played fortnite(pretty intense endgames) i had average of 55

    Nik ObrulNik ObrulМісяць tagasi
  • Hide and seek with pennywise

    Jakob WrightJakob WrightМісяць tagasi
  • Heart rate during a tough death run 🤷🏼‍♂️👌🏻

    Matty WiddowsonMatty WiddowsonМісяць tagasi
  • Muselk Muselk Muselk..... don’t u know that u need a sort of belt on your chest that’s connected to ur watch for this to work? Silly you.... mine is the same! (Garmin tho, Apple Watch sucks) my heart rate is usually on 80-90. Rn it’s on 76, and I’m in bed bc it’s night for me. I now realize that I have made a presentation that was really unnecessary. And that I should end this unnecessary presentation about now.

    Jack JohnssonJack JohnssonМісяць tagasi
  • His heart rate was not 90 or 78

    corrupted pico ꪜcorrupted pico ꪜМісяць tagasi
  • Wil the Buton jojin COST me anything ?

    kristina bednarikovakristina bednarikovaМісяць tagasi
  • Hello is this 911 yeah there is a man who has a heart rate of over 130 can you please help?

    2023 B T.Harrison2023 B T.HarrisonМісяць tagasi
  • Have a hart rate moneter doing the hardest death run ever

    Malcolm CarterMalcolm CarterМісяць tagasi
  • During Game: 102 In Menu: 123

    SSJBK GohanSSJBK GohanМісяць tagasi
  • Do a no Respawn death run with the heart rate :)

    Youtube KingYoutube KingМісяць tagasi
  • I like how at 8:26 his heartrate goes up when he won the game and isnt fighting

    Speed BetSpeed BetМісяць tagasi
  • My theory for why your heart rate went down is that in the main menu you had no idea what it was going to be like so you had an underlying stress which was boosting your heart rate. As you got into the game you were in familiar territory and your muscle memory took over. Your body relaxed when it had a familiar situation and not a large unknown. Hope that helps explain it. It's either this or the watch is wack.

    Jack BettsJack BettsМісяць tagasi
  • Petition for muselk to grind comp next season and play tournaments with fresh. Muaelk is actually really good. They could do amazing

    PrataniumPrataniumМісяць tagasi
  • “I’ve just bought one of the largest coffees in this area” me who laughs in American

    Connor AdamsConnor AdamsМісяць tagasi
    • @Xcyon Carnage yes I am a true memer

      Connor AdamsConnor AdamsМісяць tagasi
    • Your a memer I can tell thank you some one like me

      Xcyon CarnageXcyon CarnageМісяць tagasi
    • Lmafo

      Jonathan PerezJonathan PerezМісяць tagasi
    • I was thinking that haha

      Jay JamesJay JamesМісяць tagasi
  • 80,000 people unsubscribed to muselk

    PROKINGPROKINGМісяць tagasi
  • Love how he celebrates like an indian Bhangra boogie

    MaveNickMaveNickМісяць tagasi
  • That was a small coffee

    Justin ColemanJustin ColemanМісяць tagasi
  • his heart rate when talking: 120. his heart rate when starting to kill people: 93

    Isaac BorgIsaac BorgМісяць tagasi
  • Do this again!

    DeathdragonDeathdragon2 місяці tagasi
  • The community challenge lmao muselk ur losing

    ZACORTZACORT2 місяці tagasi
  • Muselk used to be a good youtuber before fortnite possesed him He sucks now

    PyroPyro2 місяці tagasi
  • You should play fnaf with a heart rate

    lil juice 9994Llil juice 9994L2 місяці tagasi
  • What app is he using to connect his Apple Watch to his PC?

    Jay PandyaJay Pandya2 місяці tagasi
  • You should do a video about reacting to jump scares in fortnite with your heart rate.

    IzeeePlayzIzeeePlayz2 місяці tagasi
  • Everyone who watched the stream be like: : |

    Axolotl_RulezAxolotl_Rulez2 місяці tagasi
  • My sitting heart rate is about 130

    Infinite CookieInfinite Cookie2 місяці tagasi
  • Muselk can get 4 lever actions and I can’t get a single shotgun the whole game

    Bobbi HigginsBobbi Higgins2 місяці tagasi
  • if ur gonna do more i think get a real heart rate monitor cause an apple watch is way too inconsistent

    Kotsios /Kotsios /2 місяці tagasi
  • Not the Heart rate! Its Hearts Wild challenge! Bro you left us alone! UNSUB 4 U!😔

    Master Studio IntMaster Studio Int2 місяці tagasi
  • i wonder if he will ever do any of the community battle challenges. there are some great video ideas in em. He could easily get us to 2nd place if he did them :)

    FandomTOBYFandomTOBY2 місяці tagasi